Help Rebuild Our Junior Band

CPYE is all about musical development and this year many of our juniors have moved up to the Senior Band!

This is brilliant news for the Senior Band and a whole new experience for the ex-juniors, however, this has left the Junior Band somewhat depleted! 8DE22805-B6D8-49C8-811E-687347DBEC61


If you are a young musician, looking for a new experience and a great way to improve your musicality, now is a great time to come and join CPYE!

Help us to rebuild the junior band and become a part of something really worthwhile!

Our first rehearsal of 2019 is on January 10th starting at 17:00, why not come and have a free taster session? 

If you don’t enjoy it, no problem - Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

If you love it, you’ll be all set to join CPYE for 2019 and ready to become part of a great year of music!