About CPYE

CPYE was set up in 2012 and is run by a voluntary committee of parents.

Our aim and our passion is to provide the opportunity for the regions musical youngsters to come together, play, enjoy and perform music. CPYE is the perfect place for students to put everything they learn in their music lessons to the very best use by sharing the experience of making music together.

We play a wide range of music, from classics all the way through to pop and rock songs. All of our music is chosen with the aim of improving musical ability and skill whilst being great fun to play.

Our Music Leader


CPYE is very lucky to be led by Rebecca Railton. 
Rebecca has many years of experience on her instrument and aims to motivate and pass on her passion to the students. CPYE members come from a variety of schools in the area, giving our young musicians a great opportunity to make new friends, who have similar interests and a desire to create music.


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