City of Peterborough Youth Ensemble Membership Application form :

So, you are ready to join CPYE - Great decision!

Please fill in the online application form below, doing this minimises administration for us.

Please note that, however you complete the form, your information will always be kept confidential, access is restricted to only those that need relevant information, within the CPYE organisation. 

Each term consists of 10 sessions, the cost will be £42 per term, a discounted rate of £38 is offered for siblings, (unfortunately, missed sessions cannot be refunded). For this term only, to mark our relaunch; there are 12 sessions planned and all for a special price of only £20!

For all new members joining us we request an additional £5 towards the cost of their first CPYE polo shirt, please note that subsequent or replacement shirts will be charged at full cost. For this term only, there will be no requirement to buy a CPYE polo shirt! We are looking into providing them free of charge! Watch this space!

The polo shirts are supplied by Chroma Sports and you can access their size guide here

If you are completing our online form, please note there are two sections which do not allow us to add additional text due to restricted space. These can be read below the online form or on the two page paper application form.

* If you still prefer to complete a paper application, you can download and print off a blank form via this link .

City of Peterborough Youth Ensemble Membership Application form :
  • I have read the Parent / Guardian Statement which is situated below this form::


Regarding - 'Permission to include your child on images/recordings used for publicity (eg social media/website):'

Full explanation should read - 'From time to time the City of Peterborough Youth Ensemble would like to take, or authorise others to take photographs, audio recordings and videos for promotional and publicity purposes including press releases, social media and our website. Should you object to your child being included in these please tick this box.'

Parent or Guardian Statement - Please Read Carefully Before Signing

I wish my child to become a member of the City of Peterborough Youth Ensemble and have paid/enclosed the relevant amount of £20 in respect of the membership for one term. I acknowledge that, once the application has been accepted, this amount is non-refundable. For subsequent terms within one academic year please submit payments of £42 with the name of the member referenced in the bank transfer or written on the reverse of your cheque.