Ready to turbo-charge your playing?

Playing in a band is one of the most worthwhile things you can do as a musician but don’t take our word for it.

Here are a few quotes from some of our members...

Having music lessons and playing an instrument solo can be great fun and rewarding but playing an instrument with a group of other players is what music is really about. There is so much to be gained from joining CPYE both musically and socially. My boys have grown in confidence and player skill since joining CPYE in the junior group. They've been involved in a number great public performances and I'm so proud of what they have achieved with the support of the CPYE.” Nick.

Our son has played trumpet with CPYE for several years now. As well as being great for his musical development, he has fun and has made new friends too. As parents, it’s fantastic to hear how they perform together and at a standard that is truly outstanding! Playing an instrument in a group is so different from playing alone, it’s so, so much better!” Ian.



If you are a young musician, looking for a new experience and a guaranteed way to improve your musical skills AND have fun into the bargain, now is a great time to come and join CPYE!


Join us and become a part of something really worthwhile!



If you don’t enjoy it, no problem - Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

What are you waiting for? Put all of those music lessons and hours of practice to good use!

Join CPYE and become a part of making great music!

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